About Irish Chicklette

My home is in Australia, where I live with my parents and three other Chicklettes…


I love to write acrostics, to cook, to read, and these are the things I will be sharing on my blog.


Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time here!


15 thoughts on “About Irish Chicklette

  1. Irish Father says:

    Totally cool my chicklette.

  2. fivepeasinapod says:

    I am proud to meet such a budding poet – keep them coming irish chicklette!

  3. Irish Father;

    Thanks for giving me my first comment! 😀

    Mrs FivePeasInAPod;

    I am so excited to have you comment! Thankyou very much for visiting! 🙂

  4. Hi there,
    Very nice blog. I look forward to returning and reading your thoughts on books you have read. Blogging is such fun, isn’t it? (But don’t tell your mum that…we can’t have education being remotely fun now eh? 😉 )


  5. Dear Mrs Susan,

    Blogging is a lot of fun! 😀

    Thank you for visiting my site! 🙂

    Irish Chicklette

  6. Andrea says:

    Cool, very cool! Irish Chicklette! And your cobwebs give me the creepies!

  7. Thank you, Mrs Andrea, I’m really glad to have you visit! 😀

  8. meggie4u says:

    hi Iam do. and melinda is too bese rit now.

  9. Hello! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  10. ecologydude says:

    I love your pictures, they all look so good and professional. What kind of camera do you use?

  11. Thank you, I enjoy taking pictures, and I have a little canon pocket camera. 😀

    Thanks for your visit! 🙂

  12. Hi Irish Chicklette! I like your blog, and I think my daughter (who I think is about your age) would enjoy it, too. I will give her your link and send her over 🙂 She doesn’t get to spend too much time on the computer, either.

  13. thedailyclick, thanks very much for your visit, and I hope your daughter enjoys reading, if she visits. 🙂

    I really like your pictures, especially the dandelion blowing one. 😀

  14. Elissa says:

    how very proud I am to see your site!!!! You are amazingly clever & inspiring.

  15. Thank you, Aunty Lissa, it’s very nice to have you visit! 😀

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