Oink! Oink!







Here’s another creative letterbox… 🙂 







5 thoughts on “Oink! Oink!

  1. meggie4u says:

    So cool! Great work!

  2. meggie4u says:

    Um. . . . .. . Irish Chicklette I have a massive favour to ask you.
    I have made an online magazine called Black Ink and wondered if you. . . . . . might. . . . . be. . . . interested in becoming a writer and regularly controbuiting to it? Whata say????
    I NEED YOU!!!


  3. Black Ink sounds like a fun idea, but I’m not allowed on the computer very often, and so I don’t spend much time on my own blog. I could let you know when I have written something for here, and you could also use it at Black Ink. 🙂

  4. meggie4u says:

    Sure! I’ll let you know when I have published a mag and you can mail me your controbuitions! Sorry about me being a lousy pen friend, did you know i have got new glasses?

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