The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Common Crow

Common Crow

 This is the first time we have successfully had a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. It’s a very fun and interesting project; here’s a record of what happened…

Day One:  (3/03/09)

The Caterpillar

Common Crow Caterpillar

We put the caterpillar and twig in a tiny vase inside a large, glass jar. Mrs BBS tucked soggy cotton wool around the base of the stem to keep the leaves fresh and the grub from drowning. We put a soup-bowl filled with water underneath the jar to keep out intruders.  

That night it hung in a J shape. Mrs BBS thought it might be forming a chrysalis, but I told her, ‘No; it’s just going to sleep.’


Day Two: (4/03/09) 



The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis


Next morning we woke up to a grape-coloured chrysalis! I had a big talking to from Mrs BBS! 😀  (just goes to show mummies really do know everything! 🙂 ) 

We were rather worried about it leaving its head out, though! 😯

Each day, morning and night,we misted it with a water spray.



almost gold...

almost gold...


At night time, after everyone except Mrs BBS had gone to bed, the chrysalis started to turn gold.  

Isn’t it pretty?

After an hour it looked like this…




one gold chrysalis!

one gold chrysalis!


 Day Three: (6/03/09)

From gold to silver...

From gold to silver...

For 6 days we misted it, and nothing happened until…











ridges appear!

ridges appear!

…the ridges appeared on Day 9:  (12/03/09)   🙂

Day 10: (13/03/09) 

The chrysalis is clear!

The chrysalis is clear!

The chrysalis turned clear revealing the black and white wings of the butterfly.  A clear chrysalis is a sign the butterfly will soon emerge! 🙂

At first we were concerned, because we were going to be out for the day, but Mrs BBS did some research, and  we learned that most butterflies emerge between 7am and 11am.

Breathing a big sigh of relief, we all went off to do our morning jobs.   A few minutes later, Mrs BBS went back for a peep, and found…


it's OUT!!!

it's OUT!!!



…it was out! ! ! 😯   🙂

We were also relieved to find it still had a head! 😀






Day 11: (14/03/09)


Release! with the camera...

Release! and record...

This morning we set the butterfly free, and held it- Miss 7 and I. 







It flew onto a ficus tree, and stayed there a little while, then it flew into my hair. 🙂 

For just one last visit… 


Just one last visit...

one last visit...


9 thoughts on “The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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  3. dandelionmom says:

    AWESOME beautiful pictures!!!

    I am laughing so hard that I worried that the crysalis turned black…it was a BLACK butterfly!! LOL–our one that died was a monarch–great job Chickie!

  4. Susan says:

    Dear Irish Chicklette,
    Wow, I am so amazed…at many things. One your beautiful pictures…and your lovely written narrative…and your mum’s patience and adaptability 😉 and your blogging about it all- wow!

    Oh! and your hair. You remind me of my own daughter “Miss A” when she was your age. She too, had gorgeous, long hair.


  5. fivepeasinapod says:

    What a wonderful post Irish Chicklette!

    You brought my Master 10 to the computer to gaze at your amazing photographs (his favourite…the caterpiller – boys!! 🙄 )

    Your caption of each stage of transformation truly displays the awesomeness of God’s handiwork…really I am speachless.

    Thank you for sharing the intricacies of life with us.

  6. Mrs Dandelionmom: It was a black butterfly, but… um… this was the second try… 😕

    Mrs Susan and Mrs FivePeasInAPod: I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  7. meggie4u says:

    WOW!! So, cool! Beautiful photos! That was absolutly wonderful!!! I loved the gold and silver chrysalis! That was heaps beautiful!! i never have examined a coccoon like that before!!!
    BFF (Best Friends Forever!)

  8. Hello Meggie!

    It was great fun hatching butterflies 🙂

    You can find chrysalises and caterpillars in your yard, but you have to look pretty hard. 🙂
    Thanks for your visit,

    Irish Chicklette xx

  9. meggie4u says:

    Hmmmm. . . . I am sorry, I am just not dedicated enough to look after a butterfly! (I am actually just worried I will get attached to it and then it dies on me, that seems to be my luck with animals!!) 😀 Maybe i should stay away from animals (Meggie stay away from animals, I know its hard to believe but I did say ‘maybe’) 🙂

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