Two Headed Emu

I don’t know why this emu has two heads and three legs, but I’m sure the creator had a purpose in mind.  This is one of the many  imaginative mail boxes we saw on our recent travels.


unusual letter box


4 thoughts on “Two Headed Emu

  1. meggie4u says:

    Hmmmm, I could make a story up for this one aswell, but I wont. It’ll take to long to type!! 🙂 Hope u enjoyed my other story!!!
    – Meggie4u

  2. Ummm… Mrs BeyondBluestockings had an editing attack with your last mailbox story… 😕 😉

    We were actually on the wrong side of the highway when we saw this one- one of Daddy’s friends got it for me on his last shooting trip. 🙂

  3. dandelionmom says:

    VERY funny!! Pretty neat that you have other people helping to add to your “collection” too! Your blog is a good place to keep it too.

    Maybe the mailbox artist was trying to capture the flavour of an emu in motion?? or build a pre-historic emu-type mythical animal? 2 heads ARE better than one I hear–but three legs? That would be confusing!

  4. We think this mailbox is pretty funny. 😆

    I am grateful to have help to build my collection- and it’s way more fun to put them on here! 😀

    I think you might have something with the emu-in-motion. 😀 😉

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