A Homeschool Family

This is a very funny video about homeschooling! 😀


7 thoughts on “A Homeschool Family

  1. tittan says:

    Home schooling scares me!

  2. Oh, it’s not that scary… I think it’s kind of fun 😀

    Irish Chicklette – seriously homeschooled. 😛

  3. meggie4u says:

    That is hilarious! How long would it have taken for someone to do that! HAHAHAHA! 😀
    Maybe we could do somthing like that??. . . . 😀

  4. fivepeasinapod says:

    I love it! LOL over and over again! Thanks for sharing 😀

  5. Meggie4u: We think this is pretty funny. We are doing something like that…we’re being homeschooled! 😀 😉 😛

    Mrs fivepeasinapod: I’m glad you liked it: we’ve watched it lots of times. 😆

  6. meggie4u says:

    haha! I made my dad watch it! I have watched it FOUR times know!!

  7. Did your dad like it?

    My dad thought it was pretty funny…:D

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