The Waterfall



This is one of the many waterfalls we saw in the New England area while on holidays.


One thought on “The Waterfall

  1. meggie4u says:

    Oh. . . . breathtaking!!!!
    I love waterfalls! Did you swim in the pools at the bottom of them? We did when we went up to cape york. How was your holiday????? It looks like you might of had some nice romantic scenenery (everything is romantic! Just imagine having to hide behind a waterfall with a girl you just rescued from being eatin alive by savages??? There is a story for everything! You just have to let you imagination fly!!!!) 🙂
    Anyway, congrats Miss almost seven! That was a great book review! You did better than if Miss almost eight gave it a try! Good work!
    Miss almost 11 (oh, holy snappin’ duck poop! She is almost eleven! WOW! When I was eleven. . . . . well anyway) you should do somthin for Irish Chickies bloggie! okie? goodie i’ll be lookin outie forie itie!
    ok, bye! I’m just bein silly knowie!
    – Meggie4U

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