Life In a Rotten Log

Today’s review is a guest post from one of the younger Chicklettes, “Miss almost 7”.  She’s been reading a great book, which we all like, and is here to share her thoughts with you.


BOOK TITLE:  Life In a Rotten Log           

AUTHOR:  Kathie Atkinson

THIS BOOK WAS ABOUT:  The book starts out with a tree falling in the forest.  The animals that had been living in the tree had to find new homes.

Once the tree was on the ground, different animals such as a snake and a marsupial mouse, used the tree for a hunting ground and a home.

Soon other small insects make the log their home.  As mosses and lichens cover the log, creatures that like cool, damp places move in.  Fungi starts to grow, which breaks down the log, and gives food for animals.

Other critters to help break down the log are; termites, bush cockroaches, and beetle grubs.  Echidnas and geckos then come to eat the termites and beetles.

The log makes a safe place to hatch babies.  Leeches, earth worms, and skinks leave their eggs in the log to hatch.  Slugs, centipedes and spiders also hatch eggs there.

As the log collapses and crumbles, goannas and bush turkeys  come to rake through the ruins to find grubs and other insects to eat.  As they scratch around, they mix the rotting wood in with the soil, so it becomes ready for a new tree to grow.

MY FAVOURITE PARTS WERE:  I really like the photographs in this book.  It has photos of how fungi spreads, and of insects and animals.  I thought it was interesting to learn that a gecko can’t blink.  It has to lick its eyes.  Poor gecko!


I also liked to read that a mother centipede guards her babies until they are ready to face the world.

The book has little boxes on the pages, which have interesting facts in them.  I liked to read these.

You might like to read this book if you like animals.   You will learn that some rot is good!



3 thoughts on “Life In a Rotten Log

  1. dandelionmom says:

    WOW!! really Miss almost 7??? I would have guessed Miss 101/2 -what a very nice way you have of putting words together!

    I have ALWAYS loved how cool fungi looks-I think bracket fungi is my favorite! Maybe you can grow up and invent eyedrops for the poor ghekos!-of course licking their eyes like God made them to do is working pretty well-so you can keep writing instead 😀 What is the bottom a picture of?

  2. Dear Mrs Dandelionmom, thank you for commenting on my post.

    We saw lots of fungi on our rainforest walks on holidays.

    The bottom picture is a leech cocoon. The scientists who found it didn’t know what it was either, until it hatched on Christmas day, and seven little leeches came out! It’s pretty, isn’t it?

    (Miss almost-7)

  3. dandelionmom says:

    Very cool Miss Almost 7!! I think I liked it better before I knew about the leeches though! I always think of things coming out of cocoons prettier than when they went in! Weird that something so nasty comes out of such a little jewel!–I really like the honeycomb pattern on the outside of it. A rainforest walk?? how very exotic and WARM!!

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