What’s On Our Wall?

Here’s what the Chicklettes in this house have been doing lately…

The first one is mine: it’s a long-eared owl.  The colouring book was sent to us by Mrs Andrea, during our shoebox swap with Germany!  We love this book because it shows what the birds should really look like coloured in.


This one was coloured by the big middling chicklette.  It’s a red-breasted robin.  Didn’t she do it well?


The little middling chicklette drew this for her lovely Papa. We think it is very good, because she is only 6.


That’s what’s on our wall!


16 thoughts on “What’s On Our Wall?

  1. Andrea says:


    Do you know what that owl is called? If you give me the German word, I might be able to translate it for you (if I did not do this for the box)…

    Great horse! She is only 6???

  2. If you hold the mouse over the owl picture you can see the English and German names.

    In the colouring book you wrote the names of the birds in English for us, thank you! (you can just see “red robin” on the bottom left of the robin picture.) 🙂

    We think the horse is good too. She tries very hard with her drawings, and was quite upset when she spilled water on the original. This one was her second try.

  3. Beautiful colouring in! All 3 were done very neatly. Well done!

  4. Andrea says:

    You put the names on the photos via overroll? Wow, you will overcome your mother in regards to technical know-how!!! *oh-she-doesn’t-read-this-does-she?*

  5. Mrs PearlsofTruth: Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

    Mrs Andrea: I didn’t put the names on… 😉 Though when it comes to technology, Mummy says that, “The arrows go further than the archer.” 😀

    BeyondBluestockings: …. hello, Mama! 😛

  6. Meggie Eggie says:

    Is little chicklette into horses now? : – )
    I love all of them! The Robin is very cute!
    Meggie Eggie

    P.S. Mrs. Beyondbluestockings you are quite hilarious!!!

  7. I don’t know that Little Chicklette has ever been out of horses… I think the Robin is cute, too.

    We just bought some colouring in books from the Trinitarian Bible Society, and they have lots of pretty birds and flowers in them. 🙂

  8. Meggie Eggie says:

    Cool! Go Little Chicklette! Keep up the good work!

  9. Ally Wally says:

    Awesome, They look really nice!
    – Ally

  10. Thanks, Ally, it’s really great to have you visit! 🙂

  11. Meggie Eggie says:

    irish Chicklette – I have tagged you and Mrs. beyondbluestockings! Please check my blog posts ‘Tagged’ and “Tagged Again’
    Meggie Eggie

    See you soon!

  12. Ah Meggie Eggie! I have tried (and tried some more) to comment on your “tagged” post, but for some reason it just won’t work.

    The reason I am unable to accept your tag is because Mrs Dandelionmom tagged me and Irish Chicklette (heartless, heartless woman that she is!) and I only have a very limited circle of blogging friends. I was saving the conservative blogging buddies for Irish Chicklette to tag, so that has left me…bereft of contacts!

    However for your edification, I will share what’s closest to me as I write. It’s called “Against the Tide” by Hope Irvin Marston. It’s a shockingly poor attempt at writing a bio of a martyred girl in Scotland. (I hope you never read it). Under that is, “They Raced for Treasure”, by Ian Sereaillier, and if my memory serves me, I believe you have read that one (it’s one of my favourites, and IC is re-reading it at present). After that we would have to turn to the text on the tissue box, so I will spare you that. 😉

    Mrs BB, who is so, so, so, SO looking forward to a certain day this week..(and it’s not xmas day!)

  13. Meggie Eggie says:

    I wonder what that day could be?. . . . . . TOMORROW!! WOOOHHOOOOO! 🙂

    hehehe. thanks Mrs. BB

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