Feijoa Flower with Bud


The little wrens and silver-eyes in our garden feast on these flowers morning and night!


4 thoughts on “Feijoa Flower with Bud

  1. Meggie Eggie says:

    Oh! how beautiful! Have you gotton a picture of the birds eating at it! Oh, what a awesome time to get out your birdwatching skills. . . . . Which are certanly better than mine. . . . . . . .(cute ducklings, botanic gardens. . . ring a bell?)
    Meggie Eggie

  2. What a gorgeous flower! I love nothing more than watching the birdlife early in the mornings… so peaceful and relaxing. I bet the birds would love your garden with such pretty flowers. Do these ones smell nice?

  3. Meggie Eggie:

    We don’t have a picture of the birds feeding, it is too hard. My bird watching skills probably aren’t any better than anyone else’s!

    Pearls of Truth:

    It’s lovely here because we have lots of wrens. They sing and have a wren frenzy each morning! The feijoa flowers don’t smell like anything, but we can forgive them because they are so pretty!

  4. Meggie Eggie says:

    It is a beautiful flower – and looks very eatable! (I think thats how you spell it!)!!! 🙂
    – Meggie Eggie

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