The Dragon and the Raven

I really liked this book because I learned a lot of interesting things, such as the fact that the Danes had shields so large that if they were fighting on a ship and had to jump overboard, they could use their shields as rafts! They were also carried from the battlefield on them if they were wounded or slain.

In this book you will… watch, with bated breath, as the Saxons and Vikings fight at the Battle of Kesteven… sail with the hero as he pursues the Danes in his ship, the Dragon… and BURST with anticipation during the Siege of Paris!

G. A. Henty set this book in France, Italy, England and Normandy during the eventful times of 870 – 901 A. D., and the reign of Saxon kings Ethelred and Alfred.

Henty used primary sources such as the Saxon Chronicles and the writings of the Abbe D’Abbon to describe the battles in England and France, as well as the memories of King Alfred’s friend and counsellor, Asser.

If you like war stories, history, historical fiction, and adventure you will probably enjoy this book.     



5 thoughts on “The Dragon and the Raven

  1. dandelionmom says:

    This one is on our shelf but I have not read it! I am a sucker for any book with a good story and a dragon in it so I may have to whip it out and read about those sheild-surfin’ Danes 8)

    Are you going to tussle with your Mama over who gets to review a book on their blog first?? 😕

  2. Dear Dandelionmom,

    How could you have a book on your shelf with a title like that and not read it??? I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it when you get to it!

    Are you going to tussle with your Mama over who gets to review a book on their blog first??

    Oh, no… I’ll just leave her the EASY stuff to review! 😉

  3. dandelionmom says:

    I KNOW! but I try to be the responsible homeschool mama and preread for all my students-plus we bought 50 Hentys at once so it was a TAD daunting LOL

    I am really laughing since your Mom has mostly been reviewing books for small children lately!!

  4. Hey! I resemble , ah, resent! that comment 😕

    Tread carefully now folks, or you may force this Irish Hen to discard her bluestockings, and don the gloves…. 😯

  5. Mrs Dandelionmom;

    We bought fifty Hentys too!! 😀

    Did you get yours from YouNeedAStory?

    Mrs Beyond Bluestockings (Alias Irish hen);

    Don’t don your gloves on my blog!! EEEK!!!

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