Corners are full of them,

On ceilings and skirtings,

Black, dark, insides of cupboards,

Windows have them a-plenty!

Even in the garage, and they make

BIG messes in your hair.

Sticky, dirty, dusty… COBWEBS!!


14 thoughts on “Cobwebs

  1. Meggie Eggie says:

    Hello Irish Chicklette!
    I love this poem a lot! It is wonderful! I wish I coud write poems that good. but if I could I would probably write them with a bit of dramatic flare! (HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHA!)
    Please visit my blog!
    Yours is awesome!
    I hope to one day read beric the Briton, it sounds awesome!
    Meggie Eggie

  2. Thanks for your visit and the kind words about my poem. I’ll be over to visit your blog soon!

    I hope you do read Beric the Briton.

    Hugs to you,
    Irish Chicklette.
    (if you’re being the Egg and I’m being the Chicklette, does that mean I’m older now? πŸ˜‰ )

  3. Meggie Eggie says:

    You’re dreaming! Depends what comes first the chicken or the egg! HEHEHEHE!! (dad thought of that!)
    Yes, perhaps I shall read Beric the Briton and do a book report on it!
    Meggie Eggie

  4. dandelionmom says:

    I like your poem too–I may suggest a good housecleaning though–you have a LOT of cobwebs! πŸ˜†

  5. Thank you, Dandelionmom,

    Perhaps we could give the place a good cleaning out… after we finish reading! 8)

    Thanks for your visit!

  6. Andrea says:


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Dear Mrs Andrea,

    Cool acrostic! πŸ˜€

    You can be a guest poet on my blog any time! πŸ˜€

  8. Not bad Mrs Andrea…

    Alias Anitz
    Nowledgable in languages (ya, I know it’s a K but I’m doing this on the hop!)
    Dear to this bunch of Aussies
    Ready to enter into fun
    Ever witty
    Always original!

  9. Andrea says:

    South of the equator
    T o live in a
    Rich and different
    Island Continent
    Never to celebrate Christmas
    Eve in the snow! (How sad 😦 !)

    (love the options of html while blogging poetry!)

  10. Ha!

    Always hot at Christmas
    Under southern skies
    Surf’s up!
    In December’s heat
    Everyone hits the beach
    Sunshine abounds!

    Germany at Christmas
    Everyone’s chilled to the bone
    Rugged to the eyeballs
    Maybe with frostbite
    All your toes aching
    Nose dribbling
    Yikes! give me sunny Australia any day πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  11. Meggie Eggie says:

    hehehehe! Very hilarious!
    I am sure to read this book (in the near furture! ) We don’t have it – yet! SO, thankyou sooo much for this great book review, my Irish Chicklette!
    beyond bluestockings – you are soo terrible to Andrea!

    P.S. Please comment on my blog!

  12. Meggie, did you think it was maybe a little harsh on Mrs Andrea and her frosty Germany? In truth I would love to visit a snowy country (you know I have never seen it in real life, so you at your tender age have that over me!) but you see, I couldn’t leave the world thinking that Australia was a sad place to be at Christmastime πŸ˜‰

    Let me see if I can make it up to her…


    Here’s what Germany has brought to the world;

    George Frideric Handel, Bach, Beethoven, and Brahm
    Eency Weency Volkswagons
    Record players for home use, thanks Emil Berliner
    Air bags!
    Nuclear Fission – they’re a clever bunch over there
    Yummy Gummi Bears πŸ˜€

  13. Dear BBS and Mrs Andrea,

    LOTS of cool acrostics!!!

    Meggie Eggie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog… I’ll be over to visit yours after Maths … πŸ˜›

  14. Meggie Eggie says:

    Love you soooo much Irish Chicklette! Can’t wait to read another ‘somthing!’
    Hope you like my blog!
    Meggie Eggie!

    P.S. I heard you had trouble commenting on my blog, (just happened to hear. . . . . :-)) so Mrs. Quo Vadis? is thinking about changing our blogs over to Word press! how cool is that!!!

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